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When you live in Rocky Mount, North Carolina, you eventually find yourself traveling on one of three major highways. And chances are, every single day, you pass by someone who has broken down and now remains stranded along the shoulder.

However, what many local drivers fail to realize is that could just as easily have been them as well. Most mechanical breakdowns occur without any prior warning, quickly catching you off guard.

Unfortunately, most towing Rocky Mount NC service providers would only offer to help you by providing an expensive tow driver. Once they spend hours locating you, they charge a fortune just to take it to an auto mechanic shop.

Instead, at Rocky Mount Towing, we do our best to offer more ways to save every day. Our experienced drivers come prepared to tackle any issues you might have, from disabled vehicles to complete roadside assistance solutions.

You can find us driving throughout the community 24-hours every day, helping as many residents as possible in saving on the services that they need most. Why continue relying on poor-quality Rocky Mount NC towing when we remain the best option each time you need help?

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Rocky Mount Towing Services


Today, consumer vehicles operate with more sophisticated computer systems than ever before. Unfortunately, the smarter that your car gets, the higher the risk of you breaking down.

Because there are plenty of things that could go wrong while you’re behind the wheel, loading your car onto the back of a flatbed wrecker isn’t always the best solution. Unfortunately, too many tow truck Rocky Mount NC companies will do just that.

Hiring our team, however, means getting access to more forms of assistance all day, every day, as well as the lowest costs possible on all of our service choices. When you need to know for sure that you’ve hired the best towing service Rocky Mount, NC has to offer, we remain the trusted team each time.

Our experienced drivers can assist you with virtually any issues that your car has, from punctured tires, drained car batteries, keys locked indoors, and more. And because we stay available 24-hours of every day, it means never having to worry about finding help.

See why more area drivers rely on us as their towing company Rocky Mount NC provider. No one else does more for less than our expert technicians.

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Your typical towing service wants to show up when it’s convenient and charge you premium pricing for taking it a short distance down the road. Instead, wouldn’t it be better if they cared about getting you home quickly?

Before you trust your disabled vehicle to just any service provider, it helps to know that they offer more ways of assisting you first. Our drivers pride ourselves in the many ways that we save more residents money on any options that they need the most.

Contact us for a better quality of care and affordable rates, 24-hours daily.

24-Hour Towing

Why put a time limit on when you can receive towing services for your car?

24-Hour Roadside Assistance

Help is always a call away when you hire us for your roadside assistance needs.

Flat Tires

Whether you have a spare or not, our technicians will safely have it changed out.

Vehicle Lock Outs

When you can’t get inside of your vehicle, we’ll have the driver door opened fast.

Winch Out Services

If your car is feeling stuck, our team can quickly winch it back out again.

Dead Battery Jumps

Jumping a dead car battery is not as simple, or safe, as it may seem.

Towing Company Rocky Mount

Everyone likes to imagine that they remain invulnerable while behind the wheel of their car. Whether it’s an expensive sports vehicle or a typical consumer model, everyone pictures themselves as a NASCAR driver out on the highway.

Unfortunately, your car is not as unstoppable as you would hope that it is, and it doesn’t take much to leave you pulled over and feeling helpless. Construction nails ruin tires, the hot summer sun kills batteries, and you never know when your engine will blow a gasket.

It doesn’t matter what you operate or how well you keep up with the car’s maintenance. Eventually, every machine experiences trouble, and there is often not much you can do about it when you aren’t at home.

When you need to know that you’re in good hands, it starts by choosing the experienced team that offers more solutions. From faster, more efficient vehicle towing to the best in roadside assistance options, there is nothing that our drivers can’t do for you.

If you’re tired of the same poor-quality experiences that you have with other towing companies, contact us today. Our staff makes all the difference, and at lower pricing every day.

Rocky Mount Towing

Why Choose Us?

You could choose an expensive national brand of vehicle assistance services or a local towing company that doesn’t even have a website. In both situations, you’re going to spend a fortune on a rude technician that shows up late.

Hiring us means getting to decide what it is that your vehicle needs to get going again. Whether that means taking it to the nearest shop or getting roadside assistance performed always stays your choice.

We empower more area drivers by giving them the exact service options that benefit their vehicles the most, any time day or night.

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When other local service providers fail to impress you, we guarantee the best results for fewer 24-hours every day. Choosing us remains the safe, affordable, and practical solution for any situation that you encounter.

If you know what caused you to break down or you don’t know how to inspect your car, our team remains the best choice each time. From minor onsite repairs to quicker towing options, we continue providing trusted solutions for you.

No one else helps more area drivers in saving more on professional towing services. Contact Rocky Mount Towing  for assistance.