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When you live in our beautiful area of Rocky Mount, North Carolina, naturally,  you eventually find yourself traveling on one of three major highways… Hwy 301, Hwy 95 or Hwy 64, and likely at one of the busier areas where each intersect with another.  And chances are, every single day, you pass by someone camped roadside who has experienced a brake down, a flat tire or other roadside issue.

And the truth it is sometimes this causes untimely delays in our own commute.

However, what many local drivers fail to realize is that could just as easily have been their own car as well. Most mechanical breakdowns occur without any warning ahead of time, and will quickly catch most drivers off guard.

Unfortunately, most of the towing Rocky Mount NC service providers would only offer to help you by sending an expensive, yet unequipped or unskilled tow driver. Once they spend an unreasonable amount of time trying to locate your vehicle, they then charge a fortune just to take it to an local auto mechanic shop.

Instead, here at Rocky Mount Towing, we do our very best to offer more options to save your hard earned money every day. Our experienced team of tow truck drivers come prepared to tackle any issues you may be experiencing on your journey from disabled vehicles to complete roadside assistance solutions such as flat tire changes, fuel delivery, even battery jumps.

You can see us driving throughout the local community 24-hours every day around the clock, helping as many residents as possible in saving on the services that they need most, when they need them. Why continue relying on poor-quality Rocky Mount NC towing when we want to prove to you that we are the best option any time you need help on the road?


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Rocky Mount Towing Services


Today, consumer vehicles operate with even more sophisticated computer systems than they ever have in the history of automobiles. Unfortunately, the smarter that your car gets, the higher the risk of you running into issues or even breaking down, and face it, that can happen at the worst possible time!.

Because there are such a variety of things that could go wrong while you’re behind the wheel, loading your car onto the back of a flatbed wrecker is not always the best solution for your specific situation. Unfortunately, far too many tow truck Rocky Mount NC companies will do just that without considering more practical solutions.

Hiring our team here at Rocky Mount Towing Services, however, means getting quick access to more types of assistance all day, every day, as well as the lowest costs possible on all of our intricate service choices. When you need to know for sure that you have hired the best towing service Rocky Mount, NC has to offer, we remain the trusted team each time, and our reliability and commitment to service are unmatched within our communities in and around Rocky Mount.

We only use honest and experienced drivers, with hands-on skills and adequate equipment and they can assist you with virtually any issues that your car has developed, from punctured tires, drained car batteries, keys locked indoors, fuel delivery and more. And because we stay available 24-hours of every day, even on Holidays, it means never having to worry about calling all around for help.

See why more area drivers here in our neck of the woods rely on us as their towing company Rocky Mount NC provider for any and all roadside services. No one else does more for less than our expert technicians, and our teams are friendly too!

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Your typical local towing service wants to show up when it’s convenient for them and charge you premium pricing for taking your vehicle just a short distance down the road. Instead, wouldn’t it be better if they cared about getting you  and your vehicle home quickly and safely?

Before you lend your trust and your disabled vehicle to just any service provider, it helps to know that they offer more ways of assisting you first. Our drivers pride ourselves in the many ways that we save more residents money and time on the options that they need the most to help in an already stressful situation.

Contact us for a better quality of care, honest, skilled service and more affordable rates, 24-hours a day, 7 days a week.

24-Hour Towing

Why put a time limit on when you can receive towing services for your car?

24-Hour Roadside Assistance

Help is always a call away when you hire us for your roadside assistance needs.

Flat Tires

Whether you have a spare or not, our technicians will safely have it changed out.

Vehicle Lock Outs

When you can’t get inside of your vehicle, we’ll have the driver door opened fast.

Winch Out Services

If your car is feeling stuck, our team can quickly winch it back out again.

Dead Battery Jumps

Jumping a dead car battery is not as simple, or safe, as it may seem.

Towing Company Rocky Mount

Everyone just kind of imagines that they are not very vulnerable while behind the wheel of their car, regardless of other drivers. Whether you have an expensive and flashy sports vehicle or a typical consumer family car, face it; everyone pictures themselves as a NASCAR driver at times out on the highway.

Unfortunately, your car is not as unstoppable as you would like to hope that it is, and it doesn’t take much to leave you having to pull over and feeling helpless. Construction nails can quickly flatten tires, the hot summer sun kills your cars battery, and you never know when your engine will blow a gasket or have some sort of mechanical issue.

It doesn’t matter what kind of vehicle  you operate or how well you keep up with the car’s general maintenance. Eventually, every machine experiences some type of trouble, and there is often not much you can do about it when you aren’t at home or already at your mechanics garage.

When you need to know that you’re in good hands, it starts by choosing the experienced and honest team that offers more practical solutions for your roadside challenges. From reliability, faster, more efficient vehicle towing to the best in roadside assistance options out there, there is nothing that our drivers can’t do for you and your car, truck or motorcycle.

If you’re tired of the run- of- the- mill poor quality experiences that you have been through with other towing companies, contact us today, we want to earn your business. Our qualified staff makes all the difference, and at lower pricing every day and in every road side situation you may face.

A Little Towing History & Towing Facts

In 1915/1916, Ernest Holmes, an experienced mechanic from Chattanooga, got the help of six men to fashion together ropes and blocks to tow vehicles. He decided later on that they could tow cars easier by implementing  a truck that was flat on the cargo end, so he then came up with the early idea of a flatbed truck. Then he then invented a type of crane that could lift cars and trucks that had been in accidents onto his towing trucks. In his hometown of Chattanooga, There is a Museum dedicated to the history tow trucks even today! The International Towing and Recovery Hall of Fame and Museum displays restored antique trucks, wreckers, tools, even other equipment, as well as vivid pictorial histories of the industry Holmes created. They also keep most of us who serve in this line of business updated on current events in the industry, continued education opportunities and they help raise funds each year to promote awareness of highway dangers associated with towing to help prevent accidents and loss of life on the road. 


Many law enforcement officials credit tow truck owners and operators for keeping traffic moving along more efficiently. They keep the streets and busy roadways free of cars blocking major traffic areas.

Common names we use are:  tow trucks, boom trucks, wrecker, self-loader, recovery truck, snatcher truck, quick pick truck, slide truck, roll back truck, rotator towing truck, breakdown truck

Flatbed tow trucks are sensible, and the most commonly used in the United States. It is less likely the customers property will be damaged, and flatbeds are more efficient in most situations.

The average owner or operator of US owned towing trucks works at only an estimated 5% profit margin. That means that for every $20 in gross revenue our customers pay, our profit is only 1 dollar, the other 95% of that money is going towards the overall trucking expenses as a basic bottom line estimate. These include things like truck payment, maintenance of equipment, trip fuel, insurance for the truck and driver, permits, and hourly pay for the team.

The military actually deploys tow trucks and wreckers for recovery of their stranded vehicles. In the US Army, a type of the HEMTT truck is commonly used for those adventures, called the M984 wrecker. For recovery in combat situations during combat times, many armies with large vehicle fleets also deploy heavy duty armour wrecker or towing truck. These vehicles play a similar role, but are resistant to heavy fire to be expected in combat, and capable of handling rough terrain with their special made deep tracks, and can manage towing vehicles beyond the weight limits of wheeled wreckers, such as tanks as most are based on tank designs for this service specifically.

It is rare but some police departments own tow trucks, but in the US it is common to contract police tows to private companies. WE DO NOT IMPOUND OR TOW UNLESS THE OWNER OF THE CAR, TRUCK OR MOTORCYCLE IS PRESENT AND REQUESTS THE TOW. Businesses who operate a larger fleet of service vehicles, such as school bus companies or package delivery services, often own one or several tow trucks for the purposes of towing their own equipment or service vehicles, we can back up those companies in their time of need. Government departments with large fleets (such as the police departmentsfire departments, transportation authorities and departments of public works of major cities) may also own towing truck(s). Your local police department in some cases, may have  tow trucks specifically to be used to impound other vehicles. Heavy tow trucks are often called to clear semi truck, or tractor trailer accidents and straighten out jack-knifed trucks. In rural or unorganized areas, companies which operate tow trucks can sometimes also offer more services appropriate to highway clearance where government-provided ones are unavailable, such as fire suppression. We can often times assist as needed in these types of situations.

If your vehicle has been impounded we suggest calling the owner of the property it was towed from to ask where it was towed to, or the county or city police. WE DO NOT IMPOUND OR HAVE STORAGE FOR CARS AVAILABLE ON THIS LINE.




Our Commitment and Safe Towing Tips

  • We strive to always operate our towing business in accord with the highest standards of ethics and moral conduct.
  • Treat every customer who asks for our help in  towing or roadside services and team member in a fair, open, and honest manner, and fully comply with all laws that prohibit discrimination, we are committed to treating one another in the way we would want to be treated.
  • Strive to meet the tow needs of our customers in a knowledgeable and professional manner and answer your questions.
  • Advertise our products and services in a positive, factual, and informative manner, and uphold our promotional discounts as they apply for tire changes, jump starts, towing or fuel delivery.
  • Detail the charges charges to assist our customers in understanding the work we provide and provide written estimates of any service work the customer may request performed, upon request, or as required by law.
  • If we cannot service your vehicle, we will service you by trying to refer you to someone who can provide help.
  • Delivery your vehicle to the mechanic you direct us to within our service area and beyond as per your request,
  • Resolve and address customer concerns promptly and courteously.

Safety Tips For Changing A Flat Tire

If you are feeling uneasy or not very secure, always keep in mind, safety first! Give us a call, we will be glad to help…. Otherwise…

  • Get As Far Away The Road side As You Can
  • Whether you’re on 2 lane blacktop or a superhighway, you need to get your car as far out of the way of traffic as possible. If you can put the flat tire on the side of the car facing away from traffic then you are already much safer than you were where you started.
  • Clearly signal to Other Drivers That You Are Experiencing An Emergency, suck as a cone or affix clothing on your mirror
  • Turn on your hazard lights! This will let other drivers know there’s something wrong, but that is just a start. Portable road cones or signs to help direct traffic into the lane away from your car are needed and road flares can help. This lets other drivers know to give you room to change your tire as safely as possible.
  • Make Sure You Have Flat and solid Ground For Your Jack to be secure
  • Before you can change your flat, you will need to jack the car up. The jack needs to be set against the frame of the vehicle to bear the most of the weight, and it also needs to be set on flat ground that’s sturdy and secure. If you jack your car up at a slight angle, the jack will likely slip and could cause severe injury! Or costly mistakes can cause your car could roll backward, or down a hill. These risks are bad enough even in normal circumstance, but on a bustling road they can get even worse, they can be deadly.
  • Be Aware of Your Surroundings at all times
  • It may seem like common sense, but if you’re changing a flat tireon a busy road you need to be aware of the traffic all around you. No matter how many careful you are or what signs you put out, there is always danger as long as there is any movement around you and your vehicle. If you have someone with you it’s a good idea to have that person keep a sharp lookout for other drivers.


Rocky Mount Towing

Why Choose Us?

You could choose a more expensive national brand of vehicle assistance services or a local towing company that doesn’t even have a website. In both situations, you’re facing the possibility that you are  going to spend a fortune on a rude and unqualified technician that shows up late.

Hiring our team at Rocky Mount Towing Service means you are getting to decide along with our professional operators what it is that your vehicle needs to get going safely again. Whether that means taking it to the nearest repair shop, your home or getting roadside assistance performed always stays your choice.

We empower more drivers in our area by giving them the exact service options that benefit their vehicle and their unique situation the most, any time day or night.

Contact Rocky Mount Towing

When the other local service providers fail to impress you or even provide decent services, we guarantee the best results for a reasonable price 24-hours every day. Choosing us is by far the safest, more affordable, and practical solution for any unique situation that you encounter while traveling through our beautiful area of Rocky Mount.

Regardless of if you know what caused your vehicle to break down or you don’t know how to inspect your car, our team remains the best choice each and every time. From minor on site quick repairs to efficient and safe towing options, we continue providing trusted solutions for you to choose from.

No one else around helps more area drivers in saving more on professional towing services directly to drivers. Contact Rocky Mount Towing  for assistance anytime day or night!